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Change leads to Change

I have just had another example of the importance of changing something when we want a situation to change. If we keep on doing the same old thing we are only going to get more of the same. This is something that was brought home to me very forcibly this summer when we moved 1,000km. [...]

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Energy Medicine and TTouch

The other day listening to a talk on energy medicine, stress was being laid on the importance of "crossing over", of strengthening the link between both hemispheres of the brain. As I did the exercises, it occurred to me that the same is true for other non-human animals and I began to think about some [...]

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A Dog’s Life

What a sad life some dogs lead! I don't mean dogs that are starved or abandoned or beaten. That is a dimension of even greater suffering. I am referring to dogs, mostly in the country, who have a home and are fed but whose lives are utterly sad. The other day we went to catch [...]

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TTouch Bulletin

The Tellington TTouch organisation has decided to offer free access to the bulletin which until now was available only to Guild practitioners. I hope you will enjoy reading the articles in the first 2017 issue!

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"Hello again Mary, you might remember I was on the T Touch course at Fourstones ... with Heidi. Before the course, Heidi hated being stroked and touched on the face, she just did not like human contact very much. I have been continuing with the body wraps each day (my version of the wraps), and [...]

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TTouch in Hexham

Last week we had a wonderful two days exploring Tellington TTouch in Hexham in Northumberland in NE England. It is always inspiring to meet  such committed people, and this was certainly the case at Fourstones where we had a number of rescue dogs. Fear, anxiety, fear of being touched and impaired movement were a few [...]

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First TTouch Course of 2017 in Madrid

This weekend we had a tight agenda learning the basic Tellington TTouch techniques in Madrid. The participants were active and open to learning and the beautiful thing is that the animals they share their lives with were many and varied ranging from parrots and birds of prey to horses with dogs and cats in between. [...]

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A Great TTouch Day in Estepona!

Despite the rain our TTouch module on observation went well. It was interesting to have the participants consider their dogs from a different, less linear perspective identifying the events or "candles" that may spark various behaviours and seeing how the environment and internal  events can manifest in the body. We even managed to do some [...]

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