Tellington TTouch®

A Unique Approach to Training, Handling & Rehabilitation

Tellington TTouch® is a unique method of influencing the health and behaviour of animals, allowing them to learn more effectively by increasing their self-confidence working in a fear-free environment.

TTouch® was developed by internationally renowned trainer, teacher and author, Linda Tellington-Jones. The work originated in the horse world and later spread to other species including humans.

Based on respect, these techniques promote optimum health and enhanced performance without fear or force because they are based on cooperation rather than dominance and understanding rather than control. By reducing stress and increasing the confidence of animals we can help them find more appropriate responses under circumstance which they previously found frightening or threatening.

The Tellington Method is based on a specific form of light pressure touch known as TTouch® which impacts the nervous system evoking a state of relaxation and promoting a greater degree of self-awareness, allowing animals to learn at optimal levels, the “Just Right  Challenge”. We also have a wide range of other tools which give animals the opportunity to experience greater confidence in situations which they previously found difficult or challenging. In some cases even deeply rooted behaviours can be overcome in a few sessions.

We should understand that behaviour is only a form of communication. If we can understand what our animals are trying to communicate to us through their behaviour, then we are more likely to approach problems in a more empathetic manner and will be better placed to help them cope with stressful situations.

TTouch® comprises three main components:

  • Body work
  • Ground work
  • Other tools such as body wraps.

TTouch® also teaches people to observe and understand the animals who share our lives and this, in turn, helps deepen the bond between them.

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