TTouch for Spain and Latin America with Mary Rodríguez

Beyond Behaviour Management

Tellington TTouch® is a unique and highly effective method of influencing the health and behaviour of animals. The TTouch® Method was developed by internationally renowned trainer, teacher and author, Linda Tellington-Jones.

The principles which underpin TTouch are:

  • Respect
  • Understanding
  • Cooperation

The fundamental principle of respect leads us to try and understand the animals we are working with rather than trying to dominate them. This basis of understanding and respect leads us to forge an alliance based on cooperation rather than a hierarchical relationships based on dominance, fear and force. Working as a team gives us the chance to deepen the bond with the animals which share our lives.

By reducing stress and increasing the confidence of animals we can help them find more appropriate responses under circumstances which they previously found frightening or threatening. Reduced stress lowers cortisol levels which contributes to promoting optimum health and enhanced performance.

The Tellington Method is based on a specific form of light pressure touch known as TTouch® which evokes a state of relaxation and promotes a greater degree of self-awareness, allowing animals to learn at optimal levels, the ‘Just Right Challenge’. Another pillar of the work is the Confidence Course, which, as the name suggests, through groundwork exercises allows animals to develop greater self-confidence. We also have a wide range of other tools, such as body wraps, which give animals the opportunity to savour a wide range of experiences which helps them face situations which they previously found difficult or intimidating. In some cases even deeply rooted behaviours can be overcome in a few sessions.

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