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Mary Rodríguez graduated from the University of Glasgow with an Honours degree in Hispanic Studies.  After teaching for some years both in Scotland and in Spain, life’s twists and turns led her towards translating and interpreting as this is a profession she could pursue wherever life took her, particularly with the advent of the internet.  She worked as a freelance translator for UNESCO in Paris as well as in the commercial and legal fields.

Seeking solutions to the ailments of her pets, including at one time a goat, chickens, and ducks as well as dogs and cats, she began to explore aromatherapy and later homoeopathy.

A deep-seated interest in things spiritual brought her into contact with Reiki, aura visualisation with Dr. Cristian Salado of Cuba, meditation and the impact of sound in healing.

Faced with the challenge of extreme separation anxiety in a young dog, TTouch® seemed to offer the kind of approach that Mary found acceptable.  A first course with Robyn Hood, Linda Tellington-Jones’s sister, at Tilley Farm near Bath in England proved so inspirational that she embarked on the full training programme and completed her training in the U.K., Canada and Switzerland with Robyn Hood and Kathy Cascade. Her early experience in teaching has proved invaluable too.

More recently she has taken a diploma in applied zoopharmacognosy which has taken her previous work with plants and essential oils in a new direction complementing TTouch work perfectly.