TTouch® & TTEAM

Linda Tellington-Jones Homepage
Calendar of events, profile of founder Linda Tellington-Jones, on-line store
TTEAM & TTouch in Canada
Robyn Hood & the TTouch/TTEAM office in Canada
TTouch and TEAM in Italy
TTouch and TEAM in Italy with Anne Bigi-Schuster
TTEAM & TTouch in Germany
Bibi Degn, Director of the TTEAM Guild in Germany
TTEAM & TTouch in the UK
Sarah Fisher & Tilley Farm in the U.K.
TTEAM & TTouch in Austria
TTEAM office in Austria
TTEAM & TTouch in Switzerland
TTEAM office in Switzerland
TTouch in South Africa
Eugenie Chopin, Organiser in South Africa
Cascade Animal Connections
Kathy Cascade, Oregon

Positive Training

Animal Centred Education (ACE)


Edogtorial offers in-person courses and online webinars on a wide range of topics of interest to dog owners and professionals in the field of animal training, health and welfare. The internationally renowned speakers are drawn from a wide range of fields, so many of the webinars are in English with Spanish translation.  Many are also free and the fees for the others are extremely reasonable.

Action Works Dog Training
Positive training for dogs and their owners in Andalusia.
The Whole Dog Journal
Guide to natural dog care and training
Clicker Training
Karen Pryor clicker training home page
Positive training for dogs and their owners in Bilbao, Spain. Also Tellington TTouch workshops
Books, videos, gifts, news & other great dog stuff!

Doggies’ Home

Doggy day (& night) care, canine psychology classes, walks in Nature


Animal Health & Wellness

Natural Animal Centre
Animal behaviour specialists, bach remedies for dogs, cats & horses, etc.
Animal Wellness Magazine
Magazine devoted to natural & holistic health for animals
British Homeopathic Association
Promoting patient access to homeopathy
Animal aromatics
Zoopharmacognosy with Caroline Ingraham
Integrated Veterinary Centre
Part of the Balanced Being Group
About Veterinary Medicine
Animal physiology & anatomy facts
American Association of Feline Practitioners
Improve the health and wellbeing of cats
Ellen Collinson
Equine Iridologist & Herbalist
Animal Acupressure
Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute
K9 Massage
Canine Massage Therapy Centre
Ace Canine
Canine Health & Wellbeing
Native Remedies
Herbal Remedies for Anxiety & more …

Animal Equipment & other stuff

Canine Lullabies
Music Therapy for Animals
Mammoth Outlet
Outsize beds for large dogs
Door Step Paws
Thundershirt stockist
Muddy Paws
All kinds of pet supplies & equipment
Animal Centred Behaviour Solutions with many TTouch items
Cool K9
Cooling jackets for dogs
Pet Munchies
Quality Pet Treats
Excellent on-line shop for all your dog’s needs. A wide range of interactive toys to stimulate the mind.
Earth Dogs
Quality hemp products for dogs (leads, collars, beds, etc.)

Travelling with Your Pets

Travel with your Dog
Great resource for travelling with your dog
Advice on travelling with your pets in Spain & Abroad (in Spanish only)

An in-depth look at what is involved in travelling with your pets.