Another of Salma’s favourite activities is weaving through the slalom poles. They are not set at the reglamentary distance for agility because my aim here is just to make the activity fun while promoting suppleness through the body bending to both right and left.

She weaves both on and off lead and enjoys doing it either way.  To help her along the way I use my voice so that she knows which way to turn. To bend away from me I use a higher voice register, and to come towards me a lower register. After our short early morning walk when it is still dark, I use both voice and light twisting the torch one way and then the other to light up the area she should aim for.

When anything stressful happens, there is one sure way to help her overcome I,t and that is to say “Let’s go and do some work. Let’s weave!” Then she comes willingly to participate in whatever activity comes along but weaving is always one component.

Salma enjoying her weave poles.