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Wolf Pack

In this video we see how a wolf pack is organised. At the head are the old and/or infirm animals. They set the pace. Otherwise they would be left behind. Then come the young males whose job it is to defend the group. They are followed by the fertile females who ensure the future of [...]

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Verification of Effectiveness of Head Wraps

I think this extract from a message received from Uruguay is testimony to the effectiveness of head wraps. Sylvia took her dog to the vet as he was suffering from an intestinal problem. Here is her account of what happened! I took the dog to the vet and they examined him all over. As I [...]

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Masterclass: TTouch Wraps

We have just launched a new short online course in Spanish where you can learn some simple, basic TTouch wrap configurations. The holiday season is coming soon and for many dogs this is a time of great stress due to fireworks and other noisy events. TTouch wraps can help enormously to remove or reduce the [...]

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