I think this extract from a message received from Uruguay is testimony to the effectiveness of head wraps. Sylvia took her dog to the vet as he was suffering from an intestinal problem. Here is her account of what happened!

I took the dog to the vet and they examined him all over. As I know that he does not like being examined I took a wrap along. When he was on the examination table I put on a head wrap because he was very upset. I put the wrap on and took it off several times.

There was a young girl in the room. She may have been a student or a newly qualified vet (I did not ask). She kept looking at me curiously as I put on the head wrap. At one point the vet went out to get the file and the girl continued listening through the stethoscope. I put the head wrap on once again as she did so. Then she took off her stethoscope and said, “It’s amazing how he calms down when you do that! Before you did, his heart was beating very fast but the moment you put that thing on his heart rate went down and returned to normal.”

You can imagine how pleased I was because, although I know that the wrap calms him down, it was wonderful to have an independent person verify it with an objective tool like the stethoscope. Also none of the other vets in the practice had ever taken the trouble to comment on it if they noticed it, or maybe they preferred to just ignore it.

I explained that this was not just something I had dreamed up bit that a lady had devised this method and I suggested that she should look it up and find out more about it. I hope she does!