For the most part we are  impatient. In our world of instant gratification we want all difficulties to be resolved with a wave of a magic wand, but that is not how life is. When we are working with animals, it pays to celebrate each tiny step forward. Each tiny advancement takes us just that bit closer to our goal and, as we walk our path together, the bond between us and our animals deepens and is strengthened. That is the basis of a solid relationship and the foundation of solid learning.

As the animal processes each stage and assimilates what has been learned, lessons are consolidated and the changes will be more lasting and sure. The pause we stess so much in TTouch work is a valuable ally. Sometimes taking a day or two off, just letting the animal mull over the last lesson, leads to great leaps forward.

Keeping a diary of progress, logging each small achievement, keeps us engaged and maintains our confidence and enthusiasm.  When things become difficult or we meet an impasse and  become discouraged, looking back to where we started out and seeing the progress made is a good way to rekindle our spirits and encourage us to carry on.

Let’s celebrate each small success