Yesterday afternoon we did two exercises. The first was free work. I put out a variety of different surfaces, some smooth and others more rough and a tray with a few plastic balls, and placed pieces of cheese on them.

Salma did not have a clue at first but Mimi, who in the past would not step on any surface, plunged in directly and began to seek out the cheese. Salma saw what she was doing and joined in. However, she did not step on most of the surfaces but reached over to take the cheese. On one door mat with perforations the cheese fell through one of the holes but she persevered until she managed to get it out and eat it.

Then Mummy cat decided that there must be something interesting going on and she also joined in, getting her pieces of cheese. Finally she chased Mimi away and finished the treats herself.

Unfortunately the video is quite long and I have been unable to move it from the phone to the computer in order to share it.

The second exercise was a TTouch lead exercise but this time I used a lead and handle which means that there is less influence over movement but any tension in the hands of the handler is not passed down the lead as it could be if the handler were manipulating the lead directly. Once again Salma did very well. She changed sides from left to right at one point but the TTouch configuration allows for this.