There are around 200 acupuncture points in the ears. Using TTouch ear work we can therefore connect with the whole body of any animal.

The first way we can work with the ears is simply to hold the ear flap between the thumb and fingers and slide from the base of the ear to the tip. This sliding motion is repeated in parallel lines all over the ear. When the animal has long hair, as is the case of Salma in the accompanying video, we can follow the hair, adding a hair slide. When doing ear work we must always follow the natural set of the ears. If they are erect ,then we would work in an upward motion and the opposite when working with animals  with floppy ears.

Another option is to make the parallel lines all over the ear but this time making the typical TTouch circle and a quarter starting at the base of the ear and working towards the tip with short pauses between each circle.

At the tip of the ear there is a special point which we should always try to remember when any animal has been involved in an accident or suffered  trauma of any kind. When possible, and if the animal can accept touch, applying gentle pressure to the point at the tip of the ear can help prevent the animal from going into shock. This is a very useful and simple tool which we can use while taking the animal to the vet or while waiting for help to arrive.

Once againaa, this is a simple but effective tool which we can use at any time and in any place because our hands are always with us!