Last Saturday Salma had a myotherapy treatment with Leticia Sánchez del Moral. Salma loved it. She really did lean into the work, allowing skin rolling and the treatment of various parts of the body.

Leticia confirmed what I had already noticed with TTouch observation. There were a couple of hot spots in the cervical area and the shoulder —nothing serious but worth bearing in mind when doing any work. All the soft tissue was pliable and soft. I had noticed a certain difference between one diagonal and another and Leticia confirmed this. At the end of the session she measured the girth of the muscles of the hind legs just above the knee and, sure enough, there was a difference which would denote greater muscle development in one leg than the other. Now we will concentrate on doing pole work using the circle, star and fan configurations working more often towards the right. We shall see whether there is any change over time.

An interesting side effect was that Mimi, who would not accept any contact when she was taken for a session some months ago, was much more relaxed at home. Salma’s attitude seemed to be contagious and Mimi came over and allowed Leticia to touch her briefly.