February 5th. was a red letter day! We had the first in-person Tellington TTouch workshop in over two years. Day two will be on February 12th.
It is always heartwarming to see how committed some people are to impriving the life experiences of their pets. It was also great to see the changes, great and small, which occurred during the course of the day.
Wayne, a little Yorkie who pulls on the lead like a steam train, stopped pulling when a body wrap was put on and walked wonderfully well with his harness. This was a novelty for him because he usually wears a collar only.
Chusco, a highly anxious adolescent dog, was hyperexcited at the start but gradually, after body work and wraps, lay down on his side and slept. We had the opportunity to use homing pigeon with him in the movement session becauses outside with so many distractions he found it difficult to concentrate so homing pigeon gave him greater focus. He is an ingeresting mix: GSD and mountain dog father and bloodhound mother!
Balú, a young border collie who spent the first nine months of his life in an enclosed space lacking socialization and exposure to the normal things, finds life hard in many respects, particularly the sound of chidren screaming and playing as well as contact with strangers, so we used the bee line to give him the option to move away or not.
India is another rescue. She likes people, perhaps overly so because she would go with anyone who has food, a throwback to her days on the street where food was probably not abundant. The main point for her is to strengthen the bond between her and her vet guardian.
Looking forward to next week when we will see what has tranpired in the meantime.