“Hello again Mary, you might remember I was on the T Touch course at Fourstones … with Heidi. Before the course, Heidi hated being stroked and touched on the face, she just did not like human contact very much. I have been continuing with the body wraps each day (my version of the wraps), and have practiced all the techniques you recommended. Well, today something amazing happened … Heidi jumped on the sofa and put her head under my chin and just lay there, she didn’t stay long, maybe 5 minutes, but it was the first time she had initiated any close contact in the 2 years we have had her. Something has changed in her and it is a change for the better as we have sometimes despaired of ever having the dog we believe she could have been if she hadn’t been abused as a puppy. I remember you saying that it may be about 21 days before we saw an improvement, so she may get even better. Will keep you posted as to her improvement. Many thanks. G***** (and Heidi)”heidi